India Poised to Create Film Production Incentives

India is within weeks of establishing a scheme of location shooting incentives that could help put the world’s most prolific ...
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Premier John Horgan with BCIBN President Vivek Savkur for the Diwali Gala Invitation

Premier John Horgan with BCIBN President Vivek Savkur. Premier has been invited to the BCIBN Grand Diwali Gala on 11th ...
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Pics for the Business of Education Summit 2019

Click on the picture to see the image gallery or click here ...
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Premier John Horgan with the BCIBN Team at the SFU Annual Dinner

Presidents 11th annual surrey gala dinner, SFU. Speakers Linda Hepner surrey mayor and John Horgan bc premier ...
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Welcome to BCIBN

BCIBN is a  Vancouver based business network  organization with the singular aim of helping BC businesses succeed overseas in India. BC is Canada’s gateway to the Pacific Rim, and with a large population of residents with strong ties to India, the region is ideally positioned to benefit from Canada’s economic pivot toward Asia. With its young population base, India today is the fastest growing economy in the world. The BCIBN is dedicated to ensuring BC benefits from this growth.
Whether it is starting a new school in India, getting direct flights to Delhi/Mumbai or exchanging technology, the BCIBN is a resource that can help your enterprise. Our team of Directors and board members are international business experts and professionals. They have many projects to their credit when it comes to connecting businesses in India with business people in Canada. We have been building this network of businesses in both countries for over 2 decades and are well recognized especially in BC as the leading authority on matters pertaining to India.
We invite you to join us and learn more about the vast possibilities that lay ahead. Whether you are an entrepreneur, scientist, manufacturer, academic, service provider or starting out and interested in learning more about bilateral opportunities that exist… there is something in India for you. Networking through BCIBN will give you an edge to get a foothold in a market that has the fastest growing opportunities in virtually every facet of International business.

Over the past century, Canada’s relationship with fellow Commonwealth member India, has grown with each passing decade. This can be attributed to Canada’s immigration links with the Subcontinent, the shared Parliamentary political foundation of both countries, and of course the rise of global trade. Today over 2 million people of South Asian background call Canada home while retaining close ties with their ancestral country.

This close relationship was symbolised in the official state visit of India’s Prime Minister Modi to Canada in 2015.

BCIBN was formed to help ensure that members are able to take advantage of those connections. No matter what the industry, BCIBN will have the knowledge and networks to help businesses on both sides.

BCIBN is dedicated to building and maintaining bridges between British Columbia and India with the singular aim of helping BC businesses succeed overseas in India. Want to know more about us and our team LEARN MORE


Join us! The strength of the BCIBN is its members. If you are interested in business and other opportunities between British Columbia and India, BCIBN is for you. JOIN NOW




India is becoming THE global economic powerhouse. Building business connections between British Columbia and India is going to be a key to keeping leading in that market.



The site-seeing at the Taj Mahal or skiing in Whistler? Salmon fishing off Haida Gwaii or relaxing on the beach in Goa? Why pick only one?!




Although a large province, only 15% of British Columbia’s land is arable – most of that in the Fraser Valley, pressed by ongoing urban sprawl.



No where are the synergies between India and British Columbia more obvious than in film production. Bollywood and Hollywood north unite!




While Indian students have been coming to BC for years, there are more and more reasons to increase the number of students going to India as well.



British Columbia is a leader in tackling climate change, including having North America’s first carbon tax. As a result, lots of companies on the leading edge of clean energy.


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Access to markets in both BC and India will be dependent on people’s ability to physically reach both places. That means direct flights.



India is fast becoming one of the centres of global capital. Building relationships between venture capitalists in both countries will be mutually beneficial.