Featured BCIBN Member – Ajit Thomas, President, BNB Aviation Services Inc. Member’s Luncheon December 2018

CAS BCIBN President:  Ajit when did you join BCIBN?

Ajit: I joined BCIBN in 2016.

CAS: What motivated you to become a member of BCIBN?

Ajit: I had many colleagues and friends who were BCIBN members and who had common threads between India and Canada and with my international business operations, I wanted to explore how to maintain and grow business connections with my homeland.  Also, India’s economy is booming and I wanted to be part of an organization that could facilitate business opportunities between BC and India. 

CAS: What was your experience upon joining BCIBN?

Ajit: I found a very positive, nurturing and goal-oriented organization with BCIBN.  But more specifically, I had a very positive contribution to my company’s bottom line.  Early in my participation in BCIBN events I attended a function featuring Canada’s then Minister of International Trade, Ed Fast.  Minister Fast spoke about the tremendous opportunities for businesses both in BC and in India.  Minister Fast further explained why India matters as a business market for BC companies and, specifically as a source country to address Canada’s labour force challenges. 

CAS: How did being a BCIBN member open doors for you? What were the experiences for your business?

Ajit: Being Indian born, I had many connections in India.  However, through the mentorship that I received from BCIBN, I was able to convert those connections to real business relationships. 

Ajit Thomas Speaking at the 3rd BCIBN Anniversary

CAS: What words of advice do you have for business persons contemplating joining BCIBN? 

Ajit: My first words of advice would be don’t delay in joining BCIBN.   Remain open to the multicultural opportunities that BCIBN can offer.  Be appreciative of the opportunities that BCIBN presents to you. And finally, know that you will be supported limitlessly to pursue your goals between BC and India through the BCIBN team.  BCIBN truly is a “network”, bringing together individuals, companies, business associations and various levels of government both in India and in Canada.

Interview with Mr. Ajit Thomas BCIBN’s Featured Member for 2018