BCIBN – BC India Business Network

In 2019, we came a long way toward modernizing our organization and transforming our operations to fulfill the goals and expectations of our members and community affiliations with our partners both in BRITISH Columbia and India.

In 2020 we have entered a new and more dynamic world with many more obstacles and issues to address at a domestic and global stage but our path ahead promises to be just as ambitious.

When we look back at the work we’ve done we are left with only one overall conclusion: We are building a BCIBN that will thrive in a more connected future through technology and innovation. This could not be more prevalent with our current global crisis.

Our members are the foundation of our organization. Their ingenuity, creativity and expertise continue to make BCIBN better every day.

Our commitment to our members and partners has never been stronger, and we have the tools, technology and resources to deliver services in a simple and effective manner.

As businesses all around the world and specifically BC and India continue to shift, we at BCIBN are adopting an attitude that encourages our people to question old processes, and implement more modern and effective practices. We are reshaping our organization to be more efficient and more capable in turn allowing all of the businesses and organizations that work with us to progress and excel in the world of business.

Using our understanding of our members wants, needs and expectations, we are working together with our partners in all three levels of Government in Canada/India along with other agencies to deliver more value to people’s businesses and lives.

We are proud to have facilitated business that connects Canadians and Indians which means investing, building and maintaining networks that are crucial to our lives, culture, environment and to our economy.

In every area, our board and members have come together and accomplished great things.
We have challenged old thinking, embraced innovation, and enhanced long-term value for all of our stakeholders. We did all of this while dealing with uncertainty and immense competitive pressure. We will continue to succeed by staying the course on our strategic vision.

I want to conclude my comments by commending our team for making the difficult and bold decisions over the past years that have brought this far and will take us successfully into the future.

“This is our time”

Thank you for all your support and your continued confidence in BCIBN.


Bobby Pawar B.A., M.B.A